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Structure of bridge crane

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2019/07/25 17:22
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  Bridge cranes are mainly used in fixed places, such as workshops, warehouses and stock yards. This is mainly because of the mobility check, bridge crane generally has three components:

  1. Metal structure:

  It is mainly used for installation of mechanical and electrical equipment, bearing the load of lifting, dead weight, wind force and inertia force produced when the big car stops braking. For the bridge crane, there are horizontal main beam and end beam; For the gantry crane, there are horizontal main beam, trolley travel beam and strut.

  2. Machinery (working organization) :

  Lifting mechanism. It is the most basic and main mechanism of the crane, which is responsible for the work of cargo rising and falling.

  Car travel mechanism. To cause the lifting of cargo to move back and forth in the direction of the horizontal main beam.

  Cart travel mechanism. To move the lifted cargo back and forth in the direction of the cart track. The big car and the small car work together at the same time, to ensure that the lifting goods in the rectangular work area of arbitrary movement, the goods will be placed in any position in the work area, to meet the operational requirements.

  3. Electrical equipment:

  Including large and small car collector, protection panel, controller, resistor, motor, lighting equipment, electrical lines and various safety protection devices

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